Baby Driver
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Baby Driver  (15+)

English Action, Crime

1 hr 54 mins
A story of action, heists and coercion
Release Date20 Jul, 2017
DirectorEdgar Wright
WriterEdgar Wright
Cast & CrewAnsel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James
SynopsisBaby Driver is an action film based on a young man called baby. He is in debt to Doc, a mastermind crime organizer, after he steals the later`s car when he was a child and now drives for him to pay it off. As things proceed, a successful bank robbery executed by Baby is appreciated, but he is assigned another task to rob another bank.

Things keep getting more criminal and Baby keeps doing them for Doc just to ward off his debt. In the meantime he meets Debora and falls in love with her. The heists continue and the debt is finally paid off. But soon Doc returns with threats to Debora forcing him to take up the task. In the things that follow, he ends up in prison not before facing off all odds and enemies.
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