Attraction (Russian)
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Attraction (Russian)  (15+)

Russian Romance, Sci-Fi

2 hrs 10 mins
A story of alien contact with humans
Release Date17 Aug, 2017
DirectorFedor Bondarchuk
WriterOleg Malovichko, Andrey Zolotarev
Cast & CrewIrina Starshenbaum, Alexander Petrov, Rinal Mukhametov
SynopsisAttraction is a Russian Sci-fi film which shows the events that follow after an alien space ship crashes into a city in Russia. The story shows two sides of human polarity where there are people who are willing to connect with extra terrestrials and know them while others have a hostile reaction to it as they feel threatened by it. The alien in contact with humans is on a quest to find a devise that will help him travel through time and get back to where he belongs.
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