Aswar El Qamar
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Aswar El Qamar  (15 )

Arabic Romance

1 hr 45 mins
Watch the romantic drama unfold...
Release Date9 Apr, 2015
DirectorTareq El Eryan,Osama Abo El - Ata
WriterMohamed Hefzy,Tamer Habib
Cast & CrewMona Zaki,Amr Saad,Assar Yassine,Salwa Mohamed Ali
SynopsisWhen a woman meets her long-time friends on a ship, she recalls all the stories in the past that she were a part of. Besides, she also remembered two men who fought over her love, and her life before and after she lost her eyesight due to an accident.

Aswar El Qamar is a drama film which stars Mona Zaki, Amr Saad, Asser Yassine and Salwa Mohamed Ali in pivotal roles.