Amma I Love You
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Amma I Love You  (PG-13)

Kannada Action, Family, Thriller

2 hrs 20 mins
Amma I Love You will be out in UAE cinemas this July.
Release Date5 Jul, 2018
DirectorK. M. Chaitanya
WriterK. M. Chaitanya
Cast & CrewChiranjeevi, Nishvika Naidu, Prakash Belawadi, Sithara
SynopsisCrisis transform people; some are left scarred and shattered, while other eventually cope and emerge stronger. Amma, I Love You focusses on the life of the most important person in everyone`s lives - their mothers. The movie sheds light on the struggles that a mother goes through and how she deals with those struggles and emerges a different and rather stronger person.
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