Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim
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Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim  (15+)

Arabic Drama

1 hr 40 mins
A trip around Egypt that changes perspectives!
Release Date29 Jun, 2017
DirectorSherif El Bendary
WriterAhmed Amer, Sherif El Bendary
Cast & CrewAhmed Magdy, Ali Sobhi, Nahed El Sebaey
SynopsisAli, the Goat & Ibrahim is a love story with numerous sub plots. He seeks the advice of a psychic who asks him to travel across Egypt. He is accompanied by his dear friend who has a strange habit of listening to unknown things inside his head. The entire trip strengthens their friendship and also leads them to the path and destination of self discovery. They are renewed after the trip with a new perspective to life.
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