Abood Kandaishan
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Abood Kandaishan  (G)

Arabic Comedy

1 hr 32 mins
Give your weekend a perfect family treat.
Release Date19 Mar, 2015
DirectorFadel Almheiri
WriterFadel Almheiri
Cast & CrewAbdulrahman Al Nakhi,Jamal H Iqbal,Nooh Al Hamadi,Abdulla Bin Hussein,Mohamad Alogaily,Nada Hassan,Sawsan Saad
SynopsisFill your weekend with laughter with Abood Kandaishan. This film tell a story of a simple-minded person named Abood, who has been working in a company of 13 long years. One day he gets a notice, wherein he is being transferred from Hmem to the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. This sudden change forces Abood to use his clout and write a letter of influence to his higher officials to stop his transfer. And then, on a blue night, his answer arrives...

This movie, starring Abdulrahman Al Nakhi, Jamal H Iqbal, Nooh Al Hamadi and others is going to be one hell of a comic ride!