A Tale of Shadows
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A Tale of Shadows  (15+)

English Thriller

1 hr 47 mins
Releasing across UAE cinemas on 10th August.
Release Date17 Aug, 2017
DirectorTariq Alkazim
WriterTariq Alkazim
Cast & CrewAngelica Narbut, Khaldoun Asfari, Mohamed Yahia
SynopsisThe Gardener, a poor, hardworking man finds a job at a a distant farm, where he meets Garet, a crazy psychopath who holds secrets about the past of the farm. Strange things begins to occur as the gardener finds a man with a pocket watch, a woman wearing a white robe, and shadowy figures roaming the farm. He attempts to find out what`s happening, but in turn, finds out that destiny is awaiting him, in unexpected ways.
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