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`71  (15 )

English Action, Drama, Thriller

1 hr 39 mins
Jack O`Connell and his ``dark days``...!
Release Date20 Nov, 2014
DirectorYann Demange
WriterGregory Burke
Cast & CrewJack O Connell,Sam Reid,Sean Harris
SynopsisYann Demange`s directorial debut after directing TV series including the award-winning `Top Boy`.

`71 is a British historical action film that revolves around the difficult journey of a young soldier (Jack Connell), who accidentally gets separated from his platoon when a local disturbance turns into a full-fledged riot. On the streets of Belfast in 1971, on his first ever venture, the young fighter must battle to survive the night alone and find his way to safety through a disorienting, unknown and deadly land. On this death-defying journey, he will have to encounter the presence of the IRA, loyalists and the Military Reaction Force.