13 Sins
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13 Sins  (18 )

English Horror

1 hr 33 mins
The challenge that costs you something really unbelievable and big!
Release Date15 Jan, 2015
DirectorDaniel Stamm
WriterDaniel Stamm,David Birke
Cast & CrewMark Webber,Devon Graye,Tom Bower
SynopsisEvery task that he takes up, is more sinister than the previous one!

Elliot, a meek salesman, loses his job, has a huge debt to clear and must take care of his family. One fine day, he receives a mysterious phone call that sets off a dangerous game of risks for him. He is challenged to complete 13 odd tasks to receive a multi-million dollar cash prize.

Will he take up the challenge to earn the big prize? If yes, then will he win the challenge?