10 Years
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10 Years  (18 )

English Comedy, Drama, Romance

1 hr 40 mins
A romantic and funny reunion of a group of school friends!
Release Date6 Nov, 2014
DirectorJamie Linden
WriterJamie Linden
Cast & CrewChanning Tatum,Rosario Dawson,Chris Pratt
SynopsisSome still living in the past, some are happy in the present, while some are set to welcome their bright future....

10 years later, at the school reunion, a group of friends, including married couples, girlfriends-boyfriends and singles are seen revealing their past feelings, mistakes and fun stories to each other. During all this, a few break the old ties, while some make new developments.

There is a reunion of the long lost lovers and a beginning to their new beautiful life...All is well at the end and the gang is happy to relive past moments, looking forward to tomorrow....