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About BookMyShow:

BookMyShow is a marketplace for the entertainment industry as well as an event management and event production company.

BookMyShow lets you book event tickets, concert tickets, sports tickets, unique experiences and much more in a quick, secure and hassle-free manner. Planning your entertainment just got a whole lot easier!

  • Registration and Sign In

    How do I register with BookMyShow?
    Click on the 'Register' link on the homepage of ae.bookmyshow.com. Enter your full name, Email id., contact number, password and click on 'Submit' and you are registered with us.

    Is it necessary to register for booking tickets?
    Although registering is not a compulsion, we would suggest you to register on our website, since it would allow you to view your entire booking history and avail the exciting offers.

    Why am I being asked for my Mobile number?
    Well, the simplest reason being that it is for the security of your transaction and also so that the booking confirmation can be sent to you via SMS. What's more, you also get the dope on discounts and offers.

    What are the benefits of registering on the site?
    By registering, you get access to your booking history on the site. You can also opt to get information on special offers.

    I have forgotten my password, how do I proceed?
    On the ae.bookmyshow.com home page, enter your username in the login box on the top right hand corner, click on the Forgot Password link, and the password will be emailed to you on the email address registered with us.

  • Ticket Booking

    Before booking Tickets :

    When does advance booking open on BookMyShow?
    Commencement of booking depends entirely on the organizer. As soon as the event is configured and the organizer gives a go-ahead to start sales, the show is automatically made available on BookMyShow.

    Do you charge extra fees for a booking?
    BookMyShow may charge an additional fee for payment gateway charges, SMS confirmation charges, insurance or taxes, depending on the event and entirely as per the laws of UAE.

    Can I choose my seat at the event?
    We have the facility to allow seats to be chosen, however this depends on the type of event. For free-seated events and certain other events seat selection may not be available.

    How many tickets can I book in one transaction?
    You are allowed a maximum of 10 tickets per transaction. The maximum quantity of tickets available may vary from time to time. In case you wish to book more than 10 tickets, please feel free to contact us.

    Is there a telephone number where I can contact you and book my tickets?
    You may contact us for post-booking support or pre-booking enquiries only. We are available on our voice and chat support helpline: please visit https://support-ae.bookmyshow.com/support/home?regionCode=DUBA

    Is there a cut off time for booking tickets?
    The cut-off time for booking may vary from event to event.

    Minimum age of children to buy a ticket:
    The minimum age for buying a ticket depends on the organizer or the venue. Please refer to the T&Cs of the particular event you are buying tickets for.

    During Booking Tickets:

    How can I confirm whether my tickets have been booked?
    As soon as your booking is confirmed, a confirmation e-mail and SMS containing your booking details is sent across to the contact details entered while booking. In case you have not received the confirmation e-mail/SMS, please click on the 'Resend Confirmation' button on the homepage and enter the contact details used while transacting, a confirmation e-mail/SMS would be resent to you.

    I booked tickets through the website but did not get the confirmation email / SMS.
    In case your confirmation details are lost, click on the 'Resend Confirmation' link on the website to resend the confirmation e-mail and SMS. Alternately, please call us on ext 1 for assistance.

    Procedure to book tickets through ae.bookmyshow.com:
    1. Log on to ae.bookmyshow.com
    2. Register yourself
    3. Select the desired City. On selecting a specific region, you would be able to view all the current and upcoming events in that particular City/Region.
    4. Select event, date & time.
    5. Select the seating category and the no. of seats.
    6. 'Choose Seats' as per your preference.
    7. Click on 'Continue'
    8. Crosscheck your show details and the amount payable in the Order Summary.
    9. Click on 'Proceed to Payment' to go ahead with your booking.
    10. Enter your Email Id and Mobile no. in order to get the booking confirmation email and SMS.
    11. Choose the preferred Mode of Payment.
    12. Enter your Card number and other card details.
    13. Read and Check 'I Agree to the Terms and Conditions'
    14. Click on 'Proceed Payment'
    15. You will receive a booking confirmation number. A confirmation email and SMS will be sent across to you.
    16. The Credit/Debit Card holder or the account need to be present during time of ticket collection. In a rare case, if you do not receive the email or SMS, please check for the booking history (For Registered users) on the website, or click on the 'Resend Confirmation' option to get a new confirmation.
    17. You can also chat with us or write to us for assistance.
    18. Please note the T&Cs of the event before buying any ticket. In many cases, your email confirmation may not be your entry pass – you will receive your tickets subsequently through email, or be required to produce the email confirmation and ID proof to pick up your physical ticket from the venue box office / ticket counter on the day of the show.

    After Booking Tickets:

    Will my movie tickets be delivered after my booking is completed?
    Your tickets are confirmed and paid for, and need to be collected from the box office counter at the venue. Please note that you will be required to show the Credit/Debit card used while transacting along with the confirmation E-mail/SMS and sign on the acknowledgement slip while collecting the tickets.

    Do I need to carry my Credit/ Debit card when I collect my tickets?
    Yes. It is necessary to carry the Credit/ Debit card used for booking when you pick the tickets from the venue. This is to ensure that the person booking the ticket is the bonafide owner of the card.

    I have booked tickets on my credit card for my friends/family, but I cannot attend the show personally. How do I ensure that they will be issued tickets at the cinema without my card?
    In a rare case scenario, where the cardholder is absent during the collection of tickets, the person collecting the tickets needs to show the photocopy of the front and reverse side of your card which should be signed by the cardholder along with the confirmation mail/sms. We recommend you scratch off the CVV number for security reasons. Enjoy the show!

    How much time before the show do I have to collect my tickets?
    Since the ticket is already paid for, it is available for collection at the box office at any time before the show. However, we recommend collecting the ticket 20-30 minutes earlier in case of a last minute queue at the box office.

    My booking number is 9*****6 Can you check and revert if my booking is confirmed?
    If you are a registered user, please login with your username and password. Then check the Booking History section, which will show a list of all bookings done by you. If the booking details show up in this section, then your booking has been successful. Alternately, please contact our support team to chat with us or email us.

    I accidentally booked my tickets for today instead of tomorrow, can you change the tickets?
    Tickets once booked are deemed sold. Hence it is not possible to cancel, replace or refund a confirmed booking.

    Can I change my seat numbers?
    No. It is not possible to change the seat numbers of a ticket once booked

    Can I change the show time that I have booked for?
    Once a ticket is booked, it is deemed as sold and there is no privilege to revise the booking details.

    Can we cancel or replace our tickets?
    As per cinema policy, once a ticket has been paid for, it is deemed sold. It cannot be replaced or cancelled.

  • Payment

    What are the modes of payment available to book tickets?
    We have the below modes of payment available for purchasing tickets:

    1. Credit Card 2. Debit Card

    We will be adding new payment options in the near future.

    When I enter my credit card information, the website asks for a CVV code. What is the CVV code?
    The CVV is a 3 or 4 digit code embossed or imprinted on the reverse side of Visa and MasterCard credit cards. This is an extra security measure to ensure that you have access or physical possession of the credit card itself in order to use the CVV code.

    1. For Visa and MasterCard credit cards, the CVV is a 3 digit number embossed or imprinted on the reverse side of the card.
    2. For American Express cards, the CVV is the 4 digit number on the front right hand side of the card above the card number.

    My booking has been rejected, but my credit card has been charged? What do I do?
    This is a very rare situation, and can occur in case of a network fluctuation at the venue at the time of confirming the transaction. In this case, a reverse request for the charge on your card will be sent by us the same day to the bank.

    The refund has still not been credited in my credit card account
    As per our company policy, we send a reverse request to the bank by the end of the day. Depending on each bank's policy, it can sometimes take up to 15 working days for the reversal to take effect.

    In spite of several reminders, the refund is still not reflecting on my card.
    As per our company's policy, a reversal request is sent to the bank by the end of the day from our end. It can take up to 10 working days for the reversal, depending upon the card issuing bank for the amount to reflect in your account. In a rare case, if it has been longer than 10 days, please feel free to chat with us or email us and we will take this up on priority with the bank to ensure the refund is done immediately.

  • Troubleshooting

    I am trying to book my tickets, but the drop down list is not working. What should I do?
    Please try refreshing the page once and clear your browser cache. If you still face problems, please chat with us or email us and we will look into it immediately.

    What browser works best with BookMyshow?
    Our website currently supports IE(version 7+ ), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and are adding support for other browsers as well.

    Why is the speed of this website so slow?
    We have optimized the website to offer the best user experience, we request you to once kindly check your connection with your Internet Service Provider.

    Does this site use cookies?
    Cookies help us customize our site to our customers' requirements, and offer a more personalized service.

    What do I do if my booking is not completed?
    We are sorry for this unlikely inconvenience. If your booking process fails during a payment process, we will notify you if any erroneous charges have been incurred and reverse any amount charged within 3 weeks.

  • Offers

    What are the offers available on BookMyShow?
    We have many interesting and exclusive offers available for you. Please refer to the 'Offers' Page on our home page to know everything about the ongoing offers.
    Grab your offer here: http://ae.bookmyshow.com/offers

    I applied for an offer, but my transaction did not get through. Now I am unable to avail the discount
    In case you apply for the discount but the transaction doesn't go through for some reason, the offer gets blocked in the system for a certain period and is automatically released within 20 mins. Hence we request you to kindly wait for 20 minutes before trying to avail the discount again.

    I booked tickets through the website, but did not avail the discount.
    1. The offers listed on our website need to be availed in order to gain the discount available under a particular offer.
    2. To avail an offer, please select the payment type and based on the type of payment a relevant offer would appear.
    3. Enter the payment details and select the offer.
    4. Click on apply, following which the system would check if your card is eligible for the offer and if the offer is available for the day.
    5. Then, the system would automatically generate the discount.

    In case the mentioned procedure is not followed, discount cannot be retrospectively applied to a booking.

    Can I avail discounts through Mobile Application?
    Offers can be availed on our mobile apps.