Women, Money & Self Awareness
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Women, Money & Self Awareness


Money management workshop with money expert Lavinia Osbourne.
SynopsisEnhance and better your relationship with money and your personal finance with this special one-off workshop of money management. This workshop is conducted by money expert Lavinia Osbourne who will explore the importance of being self-aware when it comes to money and finances.

Women, Money & Self Awareness workshop will include how you view money, how you relate to it, how you think about it what you say about it and most importantly, what you do with it. Women today are leading in every sector by creating innovative ways of doing business, along with managing finances as well. However, some still find dicussing money difficult and out of reach. This workshop is an opportunity for women to find a way and become more independent and enlightened when it comes to money and finances.

So, come and release all your inhibitions on money related problems, finances and wealth creation.

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