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Art Exhibition, Culture

An exclusive event that showcases the Indo-Pak art in the UAE!
SynopsisA first-of-its-kind event that introduces you to the rich printing traditions of India and Pakistan!

A treat to an eager and curious UAE art lovers! Trajectories: 19th-21st Century Printmaking from India and Pakistanhighlights various styles, techniques and schools of artwork, contextualizing the development of the art form across the borders.

Capture the old-gold times, the birth of Modernism, the artists` responses to the painful Partition years, and explore the contemporary prints. Witness the development of the art, its significant schools, influences, and most groundbreaking works. The exhibition provides a dialogue on the complex history of India and Pakistan.

Indo-Pak shares a rich legacy of elite printmaking traditions since late 19th century and hence, the exhibition showcases some 157 artworks from more than 20 renowned Pakistani and Indian artists, including Mukul Dey, Zarina Hashmi ,Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq and Anwar Jelal Shemza.

Contact: 971 6 5688222 / 971 6 5566002
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