The Wanted 18
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The Wanted 18

Film Screening

Film screening of an incredibly inspiring true story!
SynopsisFilm screening of a partially animated thriller docu-drama `The Wanted 18` directed by Paul Cowan and Amer Shomali !

The acclaimed Palestinian artist Amer Shomali and veteran Canadian director Paul Cowan tell the true incredible story of the dairy cows and the activists who fought the Middle-Easts most powerful army!

The supremely talented filmmakers use an extremely creative way to tell a complicated story. In 1987, the West Bank and Gaza were occupied by the Israeli military, the first Palestinian Intifada - the unarmed civilian insurgency that included protests, stone throwing, civil disobedience, and refusal to pay taxes to Israel.

The filmis a unique combination of stop-motion animation, interviews, original drawings, and archival footage. It brings to life one of the strangest histories from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.The film talks about activists who participated in the dairy, their families and friends, and the people whose lives were changed by it.

The film, in a great way educates those unaware of Beit Sahour, highlighting ``civil disobedience``. It aims to inspire people, telling that even cows can be a symbol of freedom, resistance, self-sufficiency and identity.It explains how these Palestinians survived by doing nothing more than milking cows.

The comic touch to film is amazing, especially when it talks about facts like how Israeli military went around town with photos of the actual cows in-hand to ask whether anyone had seen them after they went into hiding.

An highly inspiring tale that must be watched by everyone!

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