The Khoury Project
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The Khoury Project

Live Event, Music, Violin

DUTAC, Dubai will see the best collaboration of Oud, Kanun and Violin!
SynopsisMarhaba!! Welcome `The Khoury` trio, Elia, Basil, and Osama to Dubai!

The three brothers are the world`s premier Arab ensemble! Through their soothing and beautiful music, they bring the best of Middle Eastern culture to the international audience. They are popularly known for their outstanding work in fusing the very best of Arab classical and western contemporary music in a unique and innovative style.

Mixing the East with West!

They present great tradition of classical Arabic music by fusing the contemporary Arabic forms with globalized rhythms including flamenco, Celtic and jazz. Elia on the Oud, Osama on the Kanun and Basil on the Violin are joined by bassist Guillaume Robert and percussionist Inor Sotolongo.

Don`t miss the phenomenal, one of its kind musical event!

Contact: 971 4 3414777
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