Tariq Al Ali`s ``Heart for Sale``
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Tariq Al Ali`s ``Heart for Sale``

Comedy, Play, Theatre

A comedy show by none other than Tariq Al Ali...
SynopsisLaugh your heart out when you watch the highly acclaimed Kuwati actor/comedian Tariq Al Ali come on stage along with other renowned with GCC actors Ahmad Al Faraj and Mais Kamar. The launch of the mega popular comedian`s new theatrical comedy production ``Heart for Sale`` marks the premiere of the show in UAE.

This two-day show talks about a poor man who has put his heart up for sale, in order to improve his family`s financial situation. He agrees to sell his heart to a rich man who is seeking a healthy heart to treat his diseased heart. But what happens when both men get stuck on a malfunctioned plane that is set to fall down in pieces any minute? 100% laughter guaranteed here!

Abu Dhabi, come and enjoy the show wholeheartedly with your family and loved ones!

Contact: +971 2 4435646

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