Sultan Bin Zayed Heritage Festival 2018
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Sultan Bin Zayed Heritage Festival 2018

Culture, Heritage/Museums

Discover interesting facts and stories of the UAE`s culture and heritage.
SynopsisThe festival is named in honour of the UAE`s founding father, the late Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in recognition of his pivotal role in preserving the nation`s proud history as a gateway to the future. It is an annual celebration and fusion of Emirati heritage and culture - a voyage through time that encompasses the UAE`s past, present and future.

This festival will feature traditional games, camel races, horse riding, handicrafts, beauty contests, and a Saluki race, along with an array of cultural activities every day. The festival brings tremendous success in stimulating the economic activity around Sweihan, the city which hosted thousands of camel sports enthusiasts from across the UAE and provided them with all facilities amidst a festive atmosphere. There will be prizes for attending festival.

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