Sole DXB 2018
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Sole DXB 2018

Exhibition, Fashion

Dubai`s premier fair for street culture, fashion and lifestyle is back with a bang!
SynopsisFor all those who see street culture and fashion as a way of life, the Sole DXB 2018 is an event that should not be missed in any case! This event is Dubai`s largest gathering for trendsetters and fashionistas, especially for those who make a statement with their fashion. It is a unique event with onus on the best sneakers that are fashionable and reflect quality lifestyle.

A great platform for numerous brands to launch their latest products, this event is a step ahead for many opportunists to come and showcase their collection. Sole DXB is also responsible for promoting art, design, fashion, music and progressive urban culture in the Middle East, thus attracting younger generation to participate.

So come and be a part of this amazing event, and take home a lot more than just fashion and entertainment.

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