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SHIAMAK Funk-A-Thon 2.0 Packages

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Note: The Zoom link for accessing the live event will be shared by the organizer directly with the participants once they have registered. Kindly ensure you add the correct email address and a valid phone number where you are reachable while booking.

The Starting date for the classes is 10th Aug, and last booking will be until 26th Aug

Classes and Schedules for the respective age group is added to the below tab

All packages are valid for SHIAMAK Funk-a-Thon 2.0 ONLY. 

It's time to dance like all eyes are on you. It's time to dance like it's all you've got. It's time to #FunkItUp with Shiamak Davar's Institute for Performing Arts! If this is the new normal, then we are ready to make it 1000% more fun and make you dance EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. With classes from our master instructors and star faculties, right from your home.

Styles included – Jazz Funk, Bollywood, Hip Hop and many more!

The classes will be online on Zoom

Classes & Schedules

Kids (4-6yrs)  | Mon & Wed | 5.00pm-5.45pm

Pre Teens (7-12yrs) | Tue & Thu | 5.00pm-5.45pm

Open Level  (13+ onwards) | Tue & Sun | 7.30pm-8.30pm

Advanced (13+onwards) | Mon & Wed | 7.30pm-8.30pm

  • Kindly Note: Maximum 8 classes per batch (Kids, Pre-Teens, Open Level, Advanced).  
  • 16 Classes- This offer can be availed across any two batches only, e.g.: Kids + Juniors or Open Level + Advance. The enrolled student won’t be allowed to do any classes except the chosen two batches.


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1. At what age can one register for Shiamak's Dance classes
The starting age for a student to register for SHIAMAK Dance classes is 4 years, there is no upper limit. Classes are divided into the following categories based on age groups.

  • Kids – 4 to 6 years

  • Pre-Teens – 7 to 12 years

  • Adults – 13 years and above

Note: the Zoom links will be shared by the organizer directly with the participants once they have registered. Kindly ensure you have added the correct email address and a valid phone number where you are reachable. 

2. What is the duration of the class?
The duration of all Kids & Pre Teens classes is 45 minutes. For Adults the duration per class is 60 minutes.

3. Can I join a class if I have a medical condition?
If you have a medical condition you are advised to see a Doctor or a medical expert and get an opinion that allows you to participate in the class. Please take necessary care, precautions and / or medication as may be prescribed by your Doctor or medical expert. Do not participate in and dance or endure physical activity if you have been advised by your Doctor or medical expert not to do so.

4. Do participating students get certificates after a batch?
All participants who register for the entire FUNK-A-THON batch of 4 or more classes will receive a digital certificate of participation on the completion of their batch by email.

6. What is the type of clothing that I will need to wear for the class?
The classes require comfortable dance attire such as tights, yoga pants, sweatpants and t-shirts. It is also advisable to keep a body sized towel and water bottle handy during the class.

7. Will Shiamak be present for the class, if not then who will be conducting the classes?
Shiamak Davar will be not be present for the classes. SHIAMAK classes are conducted by an experienced, dedicated and trained faculty who are handpicked by Shiamak himself.

8. If I participate in the FUNK-A-THON online dance classes, will I be a part of the FUNK-A-THON event?

Participation in the FUNK-A-THON online classes, does not guarantee that you will be featured in the FUNK-A-THON event. The content for the FUNK-A-THON online event will be curated by the SHIAMAK Group at their own discretion.  



1. The content included on this website is for information purposes only. 

2. All classes for the FUNK-A-THON batch will be conducted online on the Zoom video conferencing platform. 

3. The instructor/s and / or SHIAMAK Group  and / or BookMyShow or its assigned representatives reserves the right to record the Zoom class sessions in order to use the footage in a dance / music video at any time and release it on any social media and / or streaming platform including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and communication / messaging platforms including but not limited to WhatsApp, etc. By participating in the online dance classes, you hereby provide your express consent and no objection to the video recording of the class and the use of it as mentioned above for perpetuity.

4. Participation in the workshops does not guarantee that your video or image will be featured in videos that may be posted by the SHIAMAK Group, BookMyShow, its instructors at any times. The SHIAMAK Group, BookMyShow and / or instructors reserve the right to include or not include videos of participants at their own discretion as they may deem fit.


The participant shall not reveal or make public any information concerning or in connection with the Dance Classes conducted by the SHIAMAK Group or BookMyShow, literary or any other inputs that may be received by the participant from the SHIAMAK Group or BookMyShow as part of the Dance classes. The participant shall not be permitted to make any public statement or press statement in connection with any of the foregoing nor shall they reveal or make public any information concerning any record written or otherwise relating to the dance classes or any photographs or any matter or thing connected with the Dance Classes conducted by the SHIAMAK Group or BookMyShow without prior written consent from Shiamak Dubai.


The participant (or where the participant is below 18 years of age, the parent or natural guardian) hereby confirm that the participant is medically, physically and mentally fit to participate in SHIAMAK Dance Classes and / or shows that he / she has no medical condition that affects his / her ability to do so. 

In the event of any participant falling ill, the SHIAMAK Group presupposes that each participant would take adequate medical care and precaution for a speedy recovery.  

The participant understands, acknowledges and accepts that participation in Dance Classes and / or Shows is a strenuous physical activity and may involve risk of accident, injury to the participant’s person or property or loss of life. In case of an accident, injury, loss of life or harm of any nature to any participant or participant’s parent, guardian, relative or friend at /or around the class or show venue the participant expressly agrees and acknowledges that the SHIAMAK Group, its franchisees, its instructors or BookMyShow shall not be responsible and /or liable for the loss, injury or damage caused to the participant and /or his parent, guardian, relative or friend, that may be present. Further, the SHIAMAK Group, its instructors or BookMyShow shall not be liable for any medical or any other expenses incurred by the concerned participant and / or his parent, guardian, relative or friend, for the injury, loss, loss of life, harm or damage caused and the participant shall further be liable to the SHIAMAK Group, its instructors or BookMyShow for all loss and / or damage suffered by Shiamak Dubai and / or its representatives, instructor(s), employees, etc., by virtue thereof.

The participant further agrees and acknowledges that he/ she will be exclusively liable and responsible for all costs, expenses and claims resulting from such medical attention the participant may require and may be provided and the SHIAMAK Group, its franchisees, its instructors or BookMyShow will not be responsible for the same. 

It is expressly agreed and understood that SHIAMAK DUBAI shall not be liable nor responsible for any harm, injury, illness, medical condition, loss and / or damage that the participant may suffer during the Dance Classes conducted by the SHIAMAK Group, its franchisees, its instructors or BookMyShow, whether or not the same arises from the participants duties with SHIAMAK DUBAI or otherwise howsoever.

The participant shall further indemnify SHIAMAK DUBAI in respect of any claims, demands, losses or decrees, orders or awards that may be made against the SHIAMAK Group, its franchisees and / or its representative, instructors, employees, etc. in this regard. The participant shall further indemnify Shiamak Dubai for all losses, damages and injury caused, resulting from or in any way attributable to any illness, accident, injury of any members of the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc.  occasioned by any act or omission of the participant.

Non- Compete:

In the view of the large amount of training expertise imparted to you during the Dance Classes conducted by the SHIAMAK Group, its franchisees and / or its representative, instructors, employees, etc.) you agree not to use the information and / or choreography that you are taught in the Dance Classes for any commercial purpose whatsoever and will not employ the same in any other business, work or activity particularly of the similar nature as that of the SHIAMAK Group. viz. in the field of dance, choreography, stage performance, dance classes, TV commercials, movies, video shoots or any other similar form of dance or performance or any other related activity in any media.

The participant shall not at any time use or describe the names of the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc. nor in any manner attempt to use the reputation or goodwill of the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc. for personal benefit nor shall the participant associate his / her name directly or indirectly with the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow,, instructors, employees, etc. in any promotional work, campaign, advertisement or otherwise without the prior written express permission of SHIAMAK DUBAI. It is expressly agreed that the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc. shall have the exclusive right of refusal and / or of imposing such conditions as may be deemed fit (including for payment of consideration therefor) and that you shall comply therewith and be fully responsible and liable to ensure that all such conditions are strictly complied with and not violated or misused.


The SHIAMAK Group and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc. reserves the right to terminate your participation in the Dance Classes conducted by it at its discretion without fees being refunded:

In the event that your performance at any time is not up to the SHIAMAK Group’s requisite standard of dance.

If the participant has behaved in an inappropriate way or breached any of Rules and Regulations, the SHIAMAK Group, and / or its BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc. has the full right to terminate your participation. However, the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc. will give an opportunity to the Participant of being heard and the final decision in the matter shall be left to the management of the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc.

It is understood by the participant and / or the participants parents and / or guardian, as the case may be, who expressly confirms and states to the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc. that he / she has voluntarily chosen to participate and / or perform out his / her own free will and not under any kind of pressure from the SHIAMAK Group, and / or BookMyShow, instructors, employees, etc., its representatives, instructors or employees or anyone whatsoever.

Any dispute or claims arising out of or in relation to or in connection with the above Rules and Regulations, including the breach of any rules such as breach of confidentiality, non-compete or any other provision hereof, shall be referred to a sole arbitrator appointed by the SHIAMAK Group or BookMyShow