Sharjah Children Reading Festival 2017
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Sharjah Children Reading Festival 2017

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A reading festival for children and a lot more...
SynopsisSharjah Children`s Reading Festival (SCRF) is a fun-filled event that will be full of discovery, creativity and excitement for the children. This event offers education and entertainment in a unique way. You will witness some of the world`s best children`s author heading to the Sharjah Expo Centre. They will be reading out their popular stories and excerpts from the novel and also meeting their little fans. There will be more than 120 international and local publishers coming here at the event and offering massive book sale for all.

The aim of SCRF is simple - to promote a love for reading amongst the younger generation and also the older ones. This event will also showcase some of Arab`s literature to the world audience. The fellow authors and publishing houses present at the event can network and interact as well. Along with networking and other fun, this reading festival will host special awards ceremony too, such as Sharjah Childrens Books Awards, the Sharjah Award for Specially-abled Children`s Books and many more. The young readers will also get a chance to meet their favorite authors.

This reading festival will have a lot more than just reading - it will have fun games like face painting, sad art, art workshops, storytelling, special competitions, puppet shows and many more interesting activities for all age group.

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Sharjah Children`s Reading Festival

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