`My Heritage, My Responsibility`
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`My Heritage, My Responsibility`

Community, Culture, Tradition

An entertaining evening that promotes the rich heritage of the Emirates
SynopsisUnderstand the rich culture and heritage of Abu Dhabi at this unique event organised by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority at the Al Ain Palace Museum from March 30th 2017.

The visitors will get an opportunity to witness a live event held in the museums courtyard featuring local practitioners of traditional medicines like Al Hijama, Al Takhbeen and Al Tajbeer (splinting). The event will also feature a live cooking demonstration where chefs will prepare traditional dishes like Luqaimat, Harees, Balaleet and many more. The fun doesn`t stop here, the event will showcase traditional clothes which the visitors can buy. The grand event also has a market where the guests can indulge in shopping traditional products such as Sadu weavings, Madakhin (Bakhoor incense burning pots), old Delal (coffee pots) and traditional clothes.

So mark your calendar and don`t miss this exciting festival.

Contact: +971 3 7517755

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