Ireland Awake 1916-2016
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Ireland Awake 1916-2016

Art Exhibition

Ireland artists - Live, Create and Exhibit!
SynopsisAn evening filled with the celebration of 100 years of Irelands drive for independence, also known as the 1916 Rising, through dance, song, theatre and poetry in a special three hour show hosted by Dan Dubai, Celtic Soul, The Siobhan Kilalea School of Dance, Paddyman and friends. The show consisting of musicians, dancers etc. coming from various places such as Ireland, UK, UAE, Palestine, Syria and Europe will be split in two parts.

Part 1: Theatre play- The Shadow of a Gunman- presents a timeless anti-war play about the war in Ireland by the world renowned 1916 playwright, Sean O`Casey (90 minutes)

Part 2: Irish music, dance, poetry and song using famous poet William Butler Yeats Easter 1916 as a starting point (70 minutes)

Contact: +971 4 3666546
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