Horrible Histories Live: Barmy Britain ll
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Horrible Histories Live: Barmy Britain ll

Comedy, Play, Theatre

Meet the people from Horrible Histories!
SynopsisHistory comes to life with all its colorful, interesting and hilarious guises!

Theatre won`t get more thrilling and enjoyable than this...... Horrible Histories Barmy Britain - Part 2 makes its debut in Dubai! The play will undoubtedly keep you on the edge of your seat, as it gets extremely entertaining with its gruesome gore acts, scary scenes and unlimited comedy.

Dubai is in for a treat.... as it gets a chance to witness the brutal moments in British history! The play will include two legendary queens, a criminal who has gone down in history for the way he was finally caught, an English king who was actually French and many other colorful characters. Can you guess the queens or any other character?

Don`t miss this fun and fact-filled extravaganza!! The show will be equally successful with Dubai audiences as it has been for its debut in London`s West End!

Kids get a chance to learn some choice facts about British and European history!

Contact: 971 4 3666546
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