Hazem El Mestikawy at Art Jameel
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Hazem El Mestikawy at Art Jameel


Unique art on display
SynopsisEgyptian artist Hazem El Mestikawy is the featured artist in the second Collection Focus on Art Jameel. ``Alif Beh`, the latest work by the artist, is a unique installation that has 60 elements. The impressive part of it is that 30 of those elements are Arabic alphabets. The fascinating part of it is that the entire piece is made of recycled cardboard with few elements attached and others suspended, a genuine artwork indeed!

The root of the idea is to portray duality showing two sides that material world practically has. Project Space Art Jameel at Alserkal Avenue runs almost till a month after Ramadan.

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Contact: +971 56 6805 588

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