Farzad Farzid Live
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Farzad Farzid Live

International Music, Singing

Farzad Farzin brings in the color of Iran from the world of music!
SynopsisMusic maniacs here you go.....his astonishing performance will take you by storm!

Farzad Farzin, the 33-year-old good looking Iranian singer, song writer, arranger and actor will surprise you with his love and passion for music.

After partying ways with his band, Corouz Group, Farzad released his first album, Sharaareh in 2005 and was followed by several other albums like Shock, Shaans, Shelik, Shakhsi and others.

His good looks also got him several roles in films! Farzad Farzin earned first role was that of singer in the movie, `Pesaraane Ajori`. He has also appeared in many short films as well as the TeleFilm, `Donyaaye Mahboob`.

Sheikh Rashid Auditorium will see a feel good concert with an amazing environment! The show is open to all age groups and promises a life-time-experience!

Come join in the bonhomie, celebrations and fun....!

Contact: 971 50 1010924 / 971 50 1010659
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