David Blaine
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David Blaine

Talent Show

Meet the street magic man!
SynopsisBuried alive for a week, he survived on nothing but water for 44 days, with no safety net, he stood atop a 100-foot-tall pillar for 36 hours and also broke the world record by holding his breath underwater for an unbelievable 17 minutes and 4 seconds.

Here`s the golden chance for you to meet and see the magic and death defying stunts of the spectacular, the dynamic, the hero, the great magician and illusionist, David Blaine. It is a full-length show that will consist of street and close-up magic, life-threatening feats and death defying stunts, and performances in the grand finale.

Have you thought of living in a glass box for a day? He did it!

Contact: 800 86823
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