Capturing the Full Essence of the `Warehouse Project`
Capturing the Full Essence of the `Warehouse Project` Event Details at BookMyShow

Capturing the Full Essence of the `Warehouse Project`

Art Exhibition

Vikram Divecha`s Warehouse Project.
SynopsisAs part of the Art Week programming and commissions, Vikram Divecha, for the Warehouse Project, conflates art, commerce and commodities.

The Mumbai-bred artist in Dubai, bartered possession of real estate at Alserkal Avenue with a general trading company requiring storage facilities, without relinquishing the warehouse`s intended function as an art space. In exchange, the trader allowed their goods and activities to be exhibited for four months. This flow of goods in and out created fluctuating sculptural structures, transforming into art objects.

Divecha has created a book that chronicles details and viewpoints of all involved in this undertaking.

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