A Wonder Woman for World Peace!

Amidst the turmoil of world crisis…. A Wonder Woman rises!

The shores of an island in the Amazon washes in a visitor. Partly conscious, he is grateful he survived, the ocean waves caress his body as a beautiful woman walks upto him. The survivor, US military pilot Steve Trevor, realizes that he is not amidst commons, but at a magical place. The woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira, has powers beyond human imagination.

Steve narrates the story of how World War I broke out and now for world peace, Diana has to leave her territory and explore the lands where she never dreamed of being before. Her mission is to bring the guns down and uplift the spirit of oneness and humanity.

WW 64

With her mystic ancestry and unrivaled powers, she finds herself capable enough to bring an early end to the war. Her magical bracelets, Golden Lasso of Truth and her raw strength and unmatched elegance are her allies in this daredevil mission. She uses her charm to masquerade as Diana Prince and enters London as a civilian, a perfect alibi to launch her own powerful self into the echelons of the war mongers.

The SFX of this film is something to watch out for. The trailer has made it quite clear that Princess Diana is brute strength and elegance gelled in one superficial being. The action seems breathtaking and our beloved Wonder Woman has to go through all the dangers of the world just in the pursuit of ending the war as soon as she can. Watch some glimpses here:

Gal Gadot looks perfect as the charming persona that can threaten any enemy. The beauty her character lies in how ugly she can turn into, once danger beckons. Can the gorgeous lady accomplish her mission? Find it out in theatres on 1st June.

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