What brings ‘the blue-eyed’ chaiwala from Pakistan to the UAE?

"I know I am handsome, but I also knew a poor person like me cannot become famous."

These were his words, but he was unaware that he is going to be one of the biggest social media discoveries of 2016.

This is probably one of the best modern day rags to riches stories. Meet the 'dreamy-eyed' tea seller from Pakistan, Arshad Khan, who shot to overnight fame when a photographer shared his picture on social media. Arshad Khan doesn't own a phone, but that didn't stop him from signing a feature film. He will be seen in a film title 'Kabeer', for which he will be travelling to Dubai.  He is preparing for his role, where he will portray the role of the lead actor's brother.

When asked about UAE during an interview by Gulfnews, he said "I have never been there but I have seen pictures of it. It’s a beautiful city and I have always wanted to come there". 


According to Jiah Ali, the photographer who snapped his picture while working in a bazaar at Islamabad, she was attracted to the entire setting, the perfect amount of sunlight, the gathering of crowd around his stall, his concentration in making tea, it was a combination of all these factors which led her to take his picture. She also made a statement that she is happy that she could help the young lad gain recognition. 

He made an appearance on the Pakistani TV show 'Good Morning Pakistan', where he was given a haircut and makeover by Aley Bhaidani, from the IdeaTic Wedding Photography Studio. 


Arshad Khan now moves around with his entourage that consists of 4 people that includes his manager, an adviser, a personal assistant and his tour manager. During an interview to Gulfnews, he says “It feels amazing. This is what I call kismet (Destiny) and its hand at play. I never thought I would be famous overnight". He becomes modest when asked about his female fan-following and requests for selfies.


Now, Arshad has different goals in life. He wants to act in films and TV series and is waiting for the perfect offer. He wishes to help his family and also take part in charity. Arshad does not know how to read or write, but he has proclaimed the desire to build schools for children who are deprived of education.

Hope to see him in films and TV series soon.

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