Top Ramadan ‘Majlis’ tents in UAE

The holy month of Ramadan is a period of devotion and spirituality for Muslims all across the world. People fast for an entire day and as dusk settles in, evening prayers are offered and the Iftar meal commences. The festival usually draws up well decorated tents and halls where hundreds of people are invited to break the day long fast together. It is a carnival atmosphere with sumptuous food and warm regards waiting for everyone in attendance.
To enjoy the Iftar meal to the fullest, it is essential to visit a popular gathering (Majlis). Some of the best Ramadan Majlis one can attend this Ramadan in UAE are listed below-

The Majlis at Dubai World Trade Centre
The magnanimous World Trade Centre houses countless people and the hospitality offered here is simply impressive. Split into several zones, one gets to enjoy private dining as well as a public lounge area with cozy seating and service.
For more details, contact- +971 4 3086322 
You can also visit-

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Al Majlis at Madinat Jumeirah
The Medinat arena is transformed into a massive seating space for people to come in and break their fast. The traditional architecture emanates the feel of the old Arabian setting while the food is simply outstanding.
Book your seat and get further details at: + 971 4 3666380

Bab Al Shams
This Majlis exhibits the spirit of Arabian glory. It provides temperature control, traditional cuisine, countless dishes and a luxurious seating space. Do stay back for the camel caravan shows and tanoura dances as well!
Get a seat at: +971 4 8096194

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Armani Tent in Downtown Dubai
The laid-back ambiance and subtly style decor is the perfect environment one might possibly ask for after a long day of fasting. The Armani tent is quite popular primarily because of its extravagant menu and elaborate design. The Arabic flavor in every aspect of the place is something to look forward to.
Get a privileged seat here by contacting: +971 4 8883666

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