Top 10 Roger Moore Quotes as James Bond

The last drink he had… it was shaken, not stirred! And even on his deathbed, their was an air of class..

On 23rd May, 2017, Roger Moore passed away after a stiff battle against Cancer. The international film fraternity mourned his death and many actors along with his friends and family paid tribute for his contributions, on and off the silver screen.

Moore had a fine career as an actor, legendary in every right. He exuded class whenever he was on screen and his ability to exhibit gentle manliness was something that many men failed to emulate. He will always be best known for being the sophisticated British spy who had an eye on the ladies but craved for accomplishing the mission assigned to him. 

He fought thugs, goons, security personnel and his own sensual urges too, just because England needed him. Moore is special not because he was Bond, James Bond, but because he enacted that character with a flawless charisma and unrivaled class. His modesty on screen was just irresistible!

Bond was the man every woman wanted, well-built, well mannered, no non-sense thinker and always improvising on a plan, yet the most impressive trait of his character remained in the wits. Moore's one-liners as James Bond are arguably the most essential shades of the character sketch. Check out his top one-liners, the ones that made Bond what it is today.












Bond, James Bond! RIP Legend! 

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