#Ramadan2017: 5 Health and Fitness Tips

Ramadan is a festival of great spiritual importance. The core practices during the holy month involves prolonged fasting, charity, decency and compassion. Due to the major shift in eating habits and timings, a lot of people suffer initially before getting accustomed to the fasting custom. There are a few who are comfortable with it, but most of the people fail to maintain their general fitness during the Holy month.

Listed below are 5 tips that will assist you well in maintaining your fitness:

Avoid certain foods: Aerated drinks, caffeine, deep fried foods, processed foods and excess artificial sugar must be avoided. Also, break the fast slowly and gradually, just don't gulp the food down the throat just because you are hungry. It is ideal to have light food or soups to start off your meals after breaking the fast.

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Light exercises: With the plight of not eating anything for long hours, people simply skip their workouts blaming energy exhaustion. Here, the trick is to perform light exercises that will keep the body active throughout the day. This keeps you in good shape and doesn't drain out the much required energy before breaking the fast.

2 hour rule: Do not exercise during fasting hours. Rather, workout 2 hours after Iftar when the energy levels are high and the body is in perfect condition to build itself.

Re-hydration: Drink a lot of water while exercising. This helps the body store the water well and uses it throughout the day whenever required. This allows you to be in a better shape.

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Don't be too ambitious: Fitness goals during Ramadan must reflect the preaching of the festival, modesty. Don't go for pumped up sessions or don't aim for a gym-worshipers body. Rather, focus on maintaining your best health and shape as the change in eating habits will change your body.

Have a happy and healthy Ramadan!

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