Ramadan Celebrations in UAE

The much anticipated festival of 'fasting' and 'feasting' is back!

The auspicious month of Ramadan is marked by prayers and fasting. It is a period of spirituality where Muslims all across the world renounce eating, drinking, sensual activities and other vices right from the break of dawn to sunset. UAE being a Muslim state and a lot of day-to-day changes take place during the holy month. 

Shops, restaurants, offices, institutions etc. are shut down after noon as a major time of the day is devoted towards spiritual awakening. Due to the shift in lifestyle,especially the fast, it is ideal to take some basic measures to keep overall health in grip.

General Tips

– Drink 8 glasses of water.

– It's ideal to have light food after breaking your fast with dates.

– Cultivate the habit of walking for 20 minutes at least after the evening meal.

– Consume adequate dates and dry fruits for Suhour, they are rich in nutrients and keep the energy levels constant throughout the day.

Guidelines for people who are not fasting

There is no compulsion for children and the elderly to observe the fast. Pregnant women and people who are ill are encouraged to have wholesome meals throughout the day. But people who are not observing the fast, especially the Non-Muslims need to follow some basic ethics, complying to the spirit of the festival. It is also considered good to donate and perform acts of charity in case you don't observe the fast.

A quick look at this short video will help you understand the rules better, especially when you are out in UAE.

Fasting for the first time?

There are many people who feel the spiritual connection and wish to start fasting at a certain point of their life. It is not easy to start fasting just like that, but it can be accomplished with a strong feeling of devotion. Check out the following tips to make it easier if you:

– Do not over-eat during the Suhour or the early morning meal.

– Rest if you feel low or get hunger pangs throughout the day. It gets better as the days pass.

– Eat healthy. Fasting for an entire day doesn't give you the license to eat anything you want. The more you keep it healthy, the easier it is going to be for you to fast through the holy month. 

Take care of your health, keep those ethics in check and have a blessed and blissful Ramadan!

A very Happy Ramadan to one and all!

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