Why not! Mazzika Festival, the musical extravaganza you can’t miss!

Mission Control X (MCX) – an event management and live communications agency that has delivered multiple projects around the globe, is bringing Why Not! Mazzika Festival to Dubai as part of their YOLO string. It is estimated to be one of the biggest musical extravaganzas of the year and is being held at the larger-than-life Coca Cola Arena.

What is the Mazzika Festival all about?

Mazzika is the musical leg of the Why Not! – YOLO! String that follows the ideology that life is too short to not enjoy every moment and savor every opportunity to enjoy. It is just a one-day festival that features extremely talented and progressive Arabic indie bands from around the globe. The bands in the line-up are modern-day revolutionaries who have challenged the status-quo through their music and by using social media as a tool to do so. This is the first Arabic concert in the Middle East and will surely pave the way for more to come!

What is the line-up of Why Not! Mazzika Festival?

The Festival features Sharmoofers – a band that boasts more than a million followers from around the globe! Members of the band, Ahmed Bahaa, Ezz Shahwan & Moe El-3rkan are lively, witty and exceptionally talented. They have created a niche in the industry with a reggae infused rock sound. They are the sole creators of their unique sound as they are responsible for the both the production as well as the vocals. The next band featured in the festival is an Egyptian rock band – Massar Egbari. Their name translates to “compulsory detour” which is a reflection of their affinity towards taking the road less travelled when it comes to what society expects from music, lifestyle and messages about social issues. Their sound seamlessly combines the genres of rock, jazz, blues and a touch of oriental music. Cairokee is also a part of Why Not! Mazzika, and is an also an Egyptian Rock Band that was formed in 2003. Their music is truly revolutionary because of its politically inspired lyrics. They too consist of millions of followers on their social media profiles. Mahmoud El Esseily is a solo performer that you will love if you are into uplifting music that transports you to a good place instantly. And lastly, there’s Disco Misr – two talented DJs that are skilled in mixing exotic oriental sounds with some funk and disco and are going to be headlining the debut edition of Why Not! Mazzika 2019.

Where and When is Why Not! Mazzika 2019 going to be held?

The festival is taking place on 21st November at the Coca Cola Arena – equipped to accommodate around 17,000 people. The arena is located bang in the centre of town in the popular City Walk, Dubai. The state-of-the-art technology ensures that your experience is unparalleled! The lights, sound and atmosphere are a perfect match for this out-of-the-box festival.

Where to book tickets for the Why Not! Mazzika Festival?

If you want to join the fun and experience something out of the ordinary, then book tickets online for this exciting event in Dubai at BookMyShow UAE. Get your tickets before they run out, you’re in for a treat on https://ae.bookmyshow.com


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