Daddy’s gripping trailer exudes power!

The only one who did not run…


The first trailer of Arjun Rampal's political crime thriller, Daddy, is everything a gangster film must be- dark, violent & powerful! It is a perfect follow up to an intense poster that grabbed our attention instantly. The trailer speaks volumes about what to expect from the movie, and with a touch of reality to the story, it just raises the bar of anticipation.

This movie is based on the life of Indian gangster turned politician, Arun Gawli. Set against the backdrop of the Textile Mills closing down in Bombay, the trailer indicates the journey of a man who rose from the ashes of poverty and corruption to become a dreaded outlaw.



Arjun Rampal's transformation from a handsome hunk to a dangerous goon is just amazing. You can just see the stark similarity between his look in the movie and the real life Arun Gawli. Both as the gangster and the politician, Rampal effortlessly exudes the power of an underground kingpin and the poise of a politician with a questionable past.

The transition from being a ruthless aggressor to a controversial politician, that's a role that very few could execute. Rampal has previously acted in several movies where he played the gangster or the politician. But this one seems to be his yard as he plays both those roles in a larger than life character.

Daddy's first Trailer released!

Daddy Trailer


We have to admit that this trailer excited us and now the wait begins to finally watch the story unfold on the silver screen. And it's not just us, there are many on Twitter who have simply loved the trailer and just can't stop talking about it!

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