BookMyShow UAE – Now the official ticketing partner for The Junction !

From comedians to actors, poets to dancers and artists to writers – Dubai has always been a space where the arts have flourished and continues to grow to new heights with time. The Junction has been an essential part of this community since 2015! They’ve created an environment where local and regional talent can thrive, where creators have the freedom to flaunt their originality and where art is exposed to larger audiences.

BookMyShow proudly announces that we are now the official ticketing partner of Dubai’s largest independent performing arts venue – The Junction! Be a part of exciting events like Short + Sweet Theatre – the second largest festival in the world after Sydney, Australia. Witness Dubai’s art and culture thrive with a collaborative effort that makes an impact!

With a 159-seat performance hall and stage, The Junction welcomes all lovers of the arts to support and encourage all local performers and further the cultural versatility of Dubai. It is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment so you can absorb the artists work at its finest! The Junction aims to be a place where regional artists can hone their talents and interact through their art with their audience in the best possible way.

The line-up in the near future covers genres such as thrillers with “Ek Raat” – an intense stage drama about an individual who stays true to his principles; tragedy with “Ghosts” – a play that portrays the struggle of the inner self and the relationship between past and present; comedy with “Tall Tales Production” – a night of comedy, improvisation and fun!

BookMyShow has you covered with exclusive tickets to all these exciting shows and the best events in Dubai at The Junction! Become an advocate of the arts and add colour to your life. The Junction is here to cater to whatever art form sparks joy in your soul, gives you a good laugh, invokes your thoughts or leaves you speechless.

Book seats to the show of your choice and become an integral part of the growing cultural landscape of your city – Dubai, on


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