The Adrenaline Junkie’s adventurous tour of Dubai

If you think that all acts of daredevilry are reserved for the stuntmen, a 21 year old lad is here to prove you wrong! Jay Alvarrez, the adventure junkie, has a lifestyle that most of us would have dreamt about. Jumping off planes, sky-diving to arrive at a place and petting a panther, these are uncommon tasks for most of us but for Alvarrez, this is his daily cup of tea!

Jay Alavrezz in Dubai, UAE

Jay Alavrezz in Dubai

Alvarrez lives with an appetite for adventure and travels all around the world in order to do so. He amazes at every little step of life; from being a daredevil to being a successful social media celebrity, he has done it all. Right from the time he entered the social sphere as a personality, the Hawaiian youngster has managed to get more than 4.8 million followers on Instagram and over 72 million views on YouTube. On one of his usual adventure tours, he was at the picturesque UAE for another dose of thrills!

This time, he and his buddies decided to give us all a fine visual experience by creating a video of all the tasks he ventures through, during the trip. For the people who know this wonder lad, it's one on the most anticipated videos on Youtube for a reason! And what a video it has turned out to be! From playing with a python and drudging through the sand to super car stunts with a side wheelie and free-falling on the back of wing suits, we are sure it must have been an insane journey for him, and an unforgettable treat for all of us!

Check out the awesome video recorded at Dubai-

Hopefully, we will see more of him soon! Another adventurous trip will surely be knocking on the door for this adrenaline junkie!

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