A 12-minute ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Excited? #Hyperloop

Dubai here is an exciting news for everyone. The futuristic travel system, #Hyperloop One, has agreed to construct an ultra-fast traveling mechanism that would allow passengers to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in around 12 minutes, a ride which usually takes around 90 minutes. According to the company analysis, almost 25 billion passengers will be able to travel in a year. Around 67,000 commuters will use this mode of transport on a daily basis, which is around 2,800 people per hour.

So, what exactly is this supersonic transport link all about?

Hyperloop One – Concept

Hyperloop Dubai

Hyperloop One Concept

The Hyperloop will revolutionize mass transit, cut-down travel time on land and also help in reducing environmental damage. The #Hyperloop One electromagnetic technology will allow pods without wheels to travel at high-speed through low-pressure transit tubes. For propulsion, magnetic accelerators will be planted along the length of the tube, propelling the pods forward and will cut down friction.  The tubes would house a low-pressure environment, which will surrounding the pod with a cushion of air that permits the pod to move safely at such high speeds, like a puck gliding over an air hockey table.

World's first ultra-supersonic transportation system

[caption id="attachment_3605" align="aligncenter" width="716"]Supersonic Hyperloop conceptHyperloop speed

Sparked by Elon Musk's vision, the #Hyperloop One is the world's first hi-tech transportation concept that would eliminate friction and run on magnetic levitation. This technology will allow passengers to slash travel time and provide more safety compare to airplanes.

Economical cost of construction

Hyperloop economical construction

Hyperloop construction

According to the analysis the company, the Hyperloop One construction will cost around $40 million per kilometer, which is less than the construction cost of a standard train or Dubai Metro.

Worldwide ambition

worldwide layout plan for Hyperloop

Hyperloop ambitious project

The company is already in talks with over 19 different countries for the construction of the Hyperloop One. 16 design patents have been filed, 32 leading companies have signed up for it and the Hyperloop trademark is registered in over 28 countries.

Dubai, are you excited to experience this surreal sci-fi-esque mode of transport?

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