10 fantastic things to do in Fujairah!

If you are exploring The UAE and wish to experience something new, then Fujairah is the Emirate you ought to plan for first up! With countless monuments of history to modern day ecstasies, this Emirate has the potential to propel your holiday towards perfection. Added to that are numerous locations nestled amidst the nature making it a complete holiday destination.

You might be wondering what the best places would be to explore at this place. To make it easier for you, we have listed 10 fantastic things to do in Fujairah!


Visit Fujairah Museum

This museum is home to various artifacts and weapons that were used in the region during the bronze age. You can view craft works and paintings that existed 2200 years ago!


Visit Dadna beach

The Dadna beach is a quaint and picturesque shore outlined by clear waters on one side and mountains on the other. It's a perfect place for spending time with your family with numerous beach resorts in close proximity.


Best places to visit- Dadna beach Fujairah

Dadna beach in Fujairah


Eat at Sardinia

Sardinia is a rare gem in Fujairah. This restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine and has an impeccable menu to satiate any stomach!


Visit Fujairah Historic Fort

This is one of the oldest forts in the UAE and also served as residence to the Royal family for many years. The fort is now a part of the Heritage Village where you can relive the Emirati culture and also see the Al Yazrah irrigation system used ages ago.


Fujairah Historic Fort

Places in Fujairah, Historic fort


Visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This gigantic mosque is spread across an area equal to 3 football pitches, has six 100m high minarets and it's prayer hall accommodates 32,000 people at once. If you are looking out for a marvel, that is the place to be at!


Visit Al Hayl Castle

This place was once a strategic fortification but now only a tower remains. It is a historical place worth visiting especially to know more about the Emirati defenses & Geopolitics.


Best place to visit in Fujairah, Al hayl Castle

Al Hayl, Fujairah


Enjoy the Wadis

Fujairah is home to several Wadis or valleys where you can do activities like hiking and trekking. Don't forget to have a bath in the pools formed out of various mini-waterfalls.


Enjoy Diving & Snorkeling

Fujairah has a gorgeous reef on its coast and getting to witness coral and marine life is simply breathtaking. Diving packages are easily available, so get your diving suits on and enter the undersea world.


Fujairah Snorkeling

Snorkeling, best things to do in Fujairah


Enjoy Hot Springs

Ain Al Madhab Hot Springs is one of the top attractions at Fujairah. You can take a dip in the two pools where natural sulfur water is distributed. A perfect place to ease your tired legs!


Visit Al Bidyah Mosque

This mosque is literally a peep into the history of UAE. Al Bidyah is the oldest mosque of the country and has commendable architecture behind it's design considering the time when it was constructed.


Al Bidyah Mosque Fujairah

Al Bidyah Mosque, oldest in Fujairah


Have a fun time at Fantastic Fujairah!

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