Surf`s Up 2: WaveMania
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Surf`s Up 2: WaveMania  (PG-13)

English Animation

1 hr 30 mins
An animated adventure featuring WWE superstars
Release Date12 Jan, 2017
DirectorHenry Yu
WriterAbdul Williams
Cast & CrewJohn Cena,Saraya-Jade Bevis,Mark Calaway
SynopsisA sequel to the 2007 hit film Surf`s Up, Surf`s Up 2: Wavemania, features the voices of popular WWE superstars like John Cena, Undertaker, Triple H and more. The story revolves around Cody Maverick, Chicken Joe and Lani Aliikai, who team up with The Hang 5, in order to find a mysterious surf spot.