Miss Peregrine`s Home for Peculiar Children
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Miss Peregrine`s Home for Peculiar Children  (PG-13)

English Adventure, Fantasy

2 hrs 10 mins
Based on New York Times best-selling novel of the same name by Ransom Riggs.
Release Date29 Sep, 2016
DirectorTim Burton
WriterJane Goldman
Cast & CrewEva Green, Allison Janney, Samuel L. Jackson
SynopsisWhen his grandfather dies mysteriously, 16-year-old Jacob discovers clues that take him to a land of mystery. He travels back to 1940, where he finds a magical palace known as ``Miss Peregrine`s Home for Peculiar Children`` run by the mysterious Miss Peregrine. As he explores the palace, he learns about the residents, their unusual abilities and their powerful enemies. Soon, Jacob realizes that only his own ``powers`` can save him and his new friends from these powerful enemies.