Toast Sanza
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Toast Sanza

Culture, Entertainment, Food, Tradition

Introducing you to the rich cultures of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
SynopsisToast SANZA brings together the awesome culture, food, drink and traditions from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The Toast Nations get a wonderful opportunity to showcase their great heritage, traditions and preforming arts.

The event showcases the big and rich cultures of these nations. It is a perfect family day out as the events features lots of exciting activities, games, entertainment, food stalls and beverage bars. South African, New Zealand and Australian industry professionals introduce the UAE to their impressive foods and products.

Visitors are expected to have great fun; the different teams from each country will host a range of fun and exciting activities taking place throughout the day as the teams are vying for National Pride. Enjoy traditional performances, live band and DJ performances, promising yet another successful event!

Contact: 971 4 3662289
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