Zakir Hussain`s Nirvana 2015
Zakir Hussain`s Nirvana 2015 Concert 2015

Zakir Hussain`s Nirvana 2015

Fusion, Live Event

Zakir Hussain to recreate his magic for the people of Dubai!
SynopsisFor all you who love to listen to fusion music - welcome Zakir Hussain, the pioneering name in the Contemporary World Music Movement! The Zakir Hussain`s Nirvana 2015: An Indo-Celtic Fusion Concert is happening in Dubai, which will have the legend himself performing with some of the world renowned Celtic and Indian musicians who will showcase their amazing talents.

After giving end number of live performances, decades of successful recordings and golden classics, Zakir Hussain is back to mesmerize the audience in Dubai with his magical performance.

Contact: 971 04 3321000
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