Decibel w/ Fatima Hajji
Decibel w/ Fatima Hajji Concert 2015

Decibel w/ Fatima Hajji

DJ, Trance/Techno

Time to end 2016 with a bang, as Fatima Hajji performs in Dubai for the first time
SynopsisDubai, get set for an electrifying performance as Fatima Hajji arrives in Dubai at the Media One Hotel, on 8th December, 2016. After performing across Europe and mesmerizing her fans with her high energy, Fatima Hajji has led the dance scene for the last two decades. She has performed at some of the most prominent events like the Awakenings, Free Your Mind Festival, Tomorrowland, Liberty White, Toxicator, Electric City, Monegros, Electrobeach Festival, AQUASELLA FEST, and many more.

She arrives in Dubai for her debut concert in the city. So don`t miss to experience a musical extravaganza as she spins her best tracks.

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Contact: +971 55 6566554

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