MENA Women`s Health Congress
MENA Women`s Health Congress

MENA Women`s Health Congress


An essential conference for the health of women in MENA regions.
SynopsisIt goes without saying that women play a pivotal role in the overall development of the society. And hence, the MENA region is highly investing on the physical and psychological well-being of the women.

The MENA Women`s Health Congress 2015, this year is looking forward to discuss the latest achievements and developments on the medical front to improve the health of women around. This event has three main scientific conferences based on different specialties:

I. MENA Obstetrics-Gynaecology Conference
II. MENA Women`s Dermatology Conference
III. MENA Women`s Oncology Conference

Professionals and experts from the respected field will be coming and throwing light on the important issues faced by women and their health. The congress will also host some specialised workshops, round-table and panel discussions with international and regional experts in order to maximise the time spent outside the clinic.

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