American Anti-Aging Conference
American Anti-Aging Conference

American Anti-Aging Conference

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The 3rd American anti-aging conference - discussing ageing in detail!
SynopsisGet into the process of discovering new clinical pearls for a healthier, happier and more competent you!

Revive your clinical approach! A personal transformation, educational enlightenment and clinical revival! Leading experts from the USA and Europe in the field of healthy ageing, integrative and functional medicine will be present at this international meeting is the elite conference of the medical anti-aging industry in the region.

The event focuses on the internal causes of ageing! Medical practitioners will revive patients` health and address some of today`s leading health concerns with the help of innovative clinical protocols.

As the UAE has one of the highest rates of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, the American Anti-Aging Conference will be addressing the clinical causes and consequences of physiological changes occurring with ageing. The event will review common lifestyle risk factors and discuss integrative approaches to trigger changes in the ageing and epigenetic process.

Scientific program will include following topics:

Epigenetics: Managing gene expression
Addressing metabolic syndrome with hormone therapies
Reversing obesity with nutritional and hormone therapies
Pollution and health
Detoxification programs
Nutrigenomic diets
HCG Therapies for obesity
The heart and medicine
Health and life coaching: instating & sustaining lifestyle changes
Updates on anti-aging integrative care in the Gulf region
Hormone therapies for chronic & lifestyle diseases

November 16 - a one-day workshop entirely dedicated to bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.

Contact: 971 4 4305001 / 971 4 3994141
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